To Sleep, Perchance To Dream — Wonderful Children's Rooms

Childhood is a time for dreams where young princes and princesses imagine fairy tale lands. Young boys are transported to wild jungles and young girls sleep with the beach's surf right outside their window. At least in their dreams. And isn't that what childhood is all about?

Over the years Homelife has seen some wonderfully decorated children's rooms — some full of custom, high-end work and some filled with ingenuity and DIY on a budget. But all offer the same thing to their lucky children — to sleep, perchance to dream ...

1) In this Eagle Point "grown-up princess" palace, candy cane pink walls and a rose-trimmed white bedroom set are decorated with matching lavender and light blue harlequin diamonds. A tiny, yet elegant, white chandelier with dangling pink and blue crystals hangs from an antique ceiling medallion. Even the small chairs are emblazoned with crowns and jewels.

2) The young prince of the family is available for playdates, day or night, thanks to a pass-through built between the kids' rooms. In his space, it's all primary colors and Buzz Lightyear, all the time, from Buzz-themed blades on the ceiling fan to an inflatable space travel chair to the neon green, red and blue palette favored by his hero.

3) This 7-year-old's bedroom in Shady Cove is a day at the beach with a turquoise cabana bunk bed, surfboard-shaped shelving, pink plaid accents and charming shantung and terry cloth curtains trimmed with white silk lilies. A faux window with a beach mural allows her to almost hear the sound of the surf.

4) Across the hall, on the other side of a tropical-themed bath, is the 9-year-old's jungle bedroom. A trundle bed sports a grass-topped roof while exotic masks and wooden carvings look on. Grass skirting accents the windows and a friendly monkey mural (painted by grandma) keeps him company. Custom built-ins allows for all his jungle paraphernalia to be stored away safely.

5 & 6) Welcome to a feminine fantasia of pink, blue and yellow for a couple of lucky little girls in Ashland. Once a master bedroom, it has been transformed into a haven for young royalty. Homemade wooden valances, cut out and painted to resemble circus tent doors, and inexpensive sheets were spruced up with whimsical shapes and more ball fringe.

A pink polka-dotted ceiling keeps things fairy tale-like for the young sleeping beauties.

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