Three shed fires look like arson, police say

MEDFORD — Police are investigating three suspicious fires in west Medford that burned storage sheds and out buildings.

On July 4, police responded to two suspicious blazes within two hours. The first fire burned a utility shed at 827 Krissy Dee. The next blaze consumed a maintenance building nearby at 1130 Stowe Ave.

No one was hurt by the fires, though there were homes nearby in both cases, police said.

"We are pretty sure these fires are linked by the same suspect," Medford police Lt. Tim Doney said. "They were too close together and resembled each other too much for us to think otherwise."

Two weeks later, the Medford Fire Department was dispatched to a burning shed behind a residence at 59 N. Orange St.

Investigators suspect that fire was sparked by the same person responsible for the previous two blazes, Doney said.

All three have been classified as arson by the Medford Fire Department.

A neighbor's security camera captured pictures of a vehicle driving down a nearby alley. While police don't know if the car and driver are related to the fire, they would like to identify and talk to that person, Doney said.

Anyone with information on any of these fires is asked to call Medford police detectives at 770-4784.

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