Teen will serve 20 years for shooting at full car

A man who shot seven rounds into a car full of teenagers but only slightly injured one of them will spend 20 years in jail, a Jackson County judge ruled this morning.

German "Negro" Reyes-Real, 18, of Talent will serve two 10-year prison terms consecutively after a jury found him guilty of two attempted aggravated murder charges in the drive-by shooting Feb. 18 near South Medford High School.

When Reyes-Real's attorney asked that the sentences be served concurrently, Judge Ron Grensky said, "The fact that he's a bad shot doesn't help his case."

Two others who were with Reyes-Real, his brother, Gerardo "Compton" Reyes, 20, and Jose "Nephew" Laris, 18, were sentenced to two years in prison each on six counts of third-degree attempted assault and a single count each of recklessly endangering another person.

Reyes-Real admitted firing seven shots into the front windshield of a red Ford Escort driven by Katie "Candy" Comacho.

During a four-day trial that began Aug. 6, Comacho testified that she and her five passengers were headed west on Monroe Street near South Medford High School at about 10:30 p.m. Feb. 18 when they were confronted by the defendants in a light brown Mercury Marquis. Reyes-Real leaned out the passenger-side window of the sedan and fired numerous shots from a .22-caliber rifle into the car loaded with four teenage girls and two young men, she said.

Reyes-Real testified he saw a passenger in a Ford Escort cocking a handgun as they drove alongside the Escort and that he fired in self-defense.

Grensky took Reyes-Real's passengers to task for their part in his crime.

"After your brother popped off seven rounds, why didn't you see if they were OK?" he asked.

Grensky said the trio went out with the intent to hurt other people that night.

"There's no courage there. That's cowardice," he said.

All three defendants will get credit for time served, Grensky ruled.

— Staff reports

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