Teen in Facebook video cited for disorderly conduct

The teen who allegedly harassed "Downtown Dan" Doty in a viral Facebook video has been cited for disorderly conduct, police said in a news release.

The citation will result in the teen's exclusion from Fichtner Mainwaring Park, where police say the incident took place, for 30 days.

The citation comes after the rising popularity of a Facebook video showing the teen taunting and trying to start a fight with Doty, 53. The video triggered a harsh outcry from numerous viewers, condemning the teen's behavior and coming to Doty's defense.

Doty is a well-known Medford resident who walks up and down the city's streets, panhandling and talking to those he meets along the way. Medical records show he was struck by a truck while riding his bike in Coos Bay as a 6-year-old, which resulted in a serious brain injury.

Doty has since said he thought the teen's behavior was wrong but was not a criminal offense, adding he wishes to be left alone about the incident.

"Everybody's got their panties in an uproar over nothing," Doty said.

— Ryan Pfeil

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