Talent bicycle shop moving to larger site, will increase services

TALENT — The operator of the town's lone bicycle shop says he is hoping his new location will serve as a gathering place for riders.

Flywheel Bicycle Solutions owner Ian Bagshaw has purchased a building at 550 S. Pacific Highway, where he will relocate the sales and repair operation he now runs downtown at 106 Talent Ave. His last day at the current location will be Nov. 23, and he plans to open the new site Dec. 3.

Group rides could be based at the new site, which has about 20 parking spaces, Bagshaw said, and he will install a big, flat-screen television so customers can watch bike races. He also plans to build a 12-foot bar in the repair area where people can sit and talk while he works, although he has no plans to offer food or beverages.

"I envision it being a really cool place to start and finish group rides," said Bagshaw, adding that the new place has a big ADA-compliant bathroom where people could change clothes, he said.

Bagshaw has operated Flywheel at its current site since March 2005. The new spot will more than double his space — to 1,500 square feet from the 700 he manages with now.

"We'll bring in some more products. I'm kind of limited in space as far as how much I can bring in," said Bagshaw.

Bagshaw had 16 bikes on display in his sales room this week. The line he carries features road bikes, and he's contemplating bringing in a different brand of mountain bike.

Relocation to the highway may help increase business, he said.

"I've had comments from several people that it's kind of difficult to find where I am," he said, adding that closer proximity to the Bear Creek Greenway may bring in more riders for quick work.

Bagshaw, who runs the store alone, also said he'd like to add a second employee.

"I don't know necessarily that it would be on the service side. I feel that's where my strong points are," he said. "I'd like to bring on someone with a better knowledge of marketing and merchandising."

Bagshaw has worked in bike repair for 18 years, mostly in the Rogue Valley. He taught for one year at Ashland's United Bicycle Institute.

Flywheel sponsors several teams that compete in local competitions, including road racing and cyclocross. Sponsorship at the amateur level means Bagshaw can offer team riders discounts on parts and services.

The building he purchased formerly housed the Oregon Institute of Aesthetics, a beauty school. It has also been the home of several food operations, including the Handi San hamburger stand.

Bagshaw's parents are painting the building. His brother Sean, a photographer, has coordinated indoor paint schemes.

"His team is going to help, too," said mother Mary Bagshaw Thursday as she masked outside trim for painting. "It's a fun project, and I'll be glad when its done."

Tony Boom is a freelance writer living in Ashland. Reach him at tboomwriter@gmail.com.

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