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1. In what state did the attack on Pearl Harbor take place?

2. What document proclaimed American independence?

3. Name the three branches of the U.S. government.

4. What type of animal is a whale classified as?

5. What's the center of a cell called?

6. Anything that has mass and takes up space is known as what?

7. How many degrees make up a triangle?

8. What is the square root of 36?

9. Solve for X: 6x = 72.

10. Without counting, how many letters are in the English alphabet?

11. Which of these is not a preposition? A. under; B. into; C. in; D. because

12. What is a noun?

Answers and survey scores, Page 4B


1. Hawaii

2. Declaration of Independence

3. Executive, legislative, judicial

4. Mammals

5. Nucleus

6. Matter

7. 180

8. 6

9. 12

10. 26

11. Because

12. Person, place, thing (idea also accepted)

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