From left, Beau Ingraham and Brandon Soare participate in McLoughlin Middle School’s food drive. Mail Tribune / Bob Pennell - Bob Pennell

Students collect food for Salvation Army

Students at Medford's McLoughlin and Hedrick middle schools collected 8,809 cans of food in their annual food drives for the Salvation Army, which distributes the food to needy families during the holiday season. McLoughlin donated 5,050 cans of food and Hedrick 3,759 cans.

Classes at each school competed to win a pizza party for obtaining the most canned food.

At McLoughlin, Kristi Burkett's class of Jackson Elementary School fourth- and fifth-graders was the winning group, collecting 1,151 cans of food. Jackson fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders are attending McLoughlin while their school is being rebuilt.

Sandy Turner's eighth-grade class at Hedrick won the competition at its school with 418 cans.

Because many of the students at McLoughlin come from families that need assistance during the holidays, the city of Medford had its own food drive and donated proceeds to the school.

Students were able to purchase these cans of food using Bulldog Bucks (McLoughlin) or Jaguar Jewels (Jackson Elementary) script, which allowed all students to participate in the drive. Children receive either Bulldog Bucks or Jaguar Jewels as a reward for extra effort.

All departments at the city competed in the food drive on behalf of McLoughlin and the Medford Urban Renewal Agency was the winning department.

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