String of car thefts has Ashland police on alert

Ashland police are investigating a rash of car break-ins reported this week.

On Monday, someone broke a window of a car parked in a lot near the intersection of Faith and Clay streets and took a purse that was left in view inside. The theft was reported in the morning, police said.

On Tuesday, purses were taken from two cars parked near Ashland High School while classes were in session. One vehicle's window was broken and the other car was entered through an unlocked door, police said.

On Wednesday, three more cars were broken into near the YMCA between 8 and 11 a.m. From each car, a purse, left in sight, was taken, reports said.

Ashland police want to talk to three people seen around the YMCA at the time the break-ins were reported, Detective Bon Stewart said in a news release today.

One is a man in his 50s with medium-length, salt-and-pepper hair who might have come in a white Subaru with two bicycle racks on the roof.

A second man, not associated with the first, is in his 20s or 30s. He had short dark brown hair and was wearing a black or other dark color jacket and blue jeans.

A woman was also seen in the area. She is in her early to mid 20s with straight, shoulder-length, brown hair. She is of medium build, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, and has noticeably crooked teeth, witnesses told police. She was wearing a gray sweater with safety pins holding it together.

Anyone who has information about these people or who saw anything else suspicious is asked to call investigators at 482-5211.

Police remind people to lock their vehicles and not leave valuables inside. Keep an eye out for suspicious people and report unusual activity.

— Anita Burke

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