Stolen vehicles dumped into Taylor Creek Gorge near Galice

GALICE — Authorities plan to remove two stolen vehicles from the Taylor Creek Gorge near the Rogue River today.

They were two of four vehicles stolen and pushed over a 200-foot bank at that location, according to Jim Whittington, spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management's Medford District. One, a full-size van, was in the river, he said.

The site is on the south side of the river about three miles upstream from Galice.

The first vehicle was discovered Saturday but three more were pushed over the edge of the road Monday night, he said.

The vehicles were described as a large RV, a van, a sedan and a pickup truck.

The van leaked some gasoline and oil, but a 12-foot boom has been put in place to contain the spill, Whittington said. The spill posed no long-term threat to the river, he said.

The leaking vehicle and one other were retrieved Tuesday. The other two vehicles will be retrieved today, Whittington said.

The BLM is working with the Josephine County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating the case.

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