Statewide and locally, 53 percent vote

More than 53 percent of the county's voters cast ballots in Tuesday's Oregon primary, almost the same percentage that voted around the state.

Turnout reached 53.4 percent in Jackson County, with 61,189 voters taking part. Turnout was 53.6 percent statewide, with 1.09 million voters handing in ballots.

In the county office, work continued today to count contested ballots — those that had questions about signatures, for example — and absentee ballots.

County Clerk Chris Walker said all ballots may not be counted until near the week's end. In Gold Hill, for example, workers still have a large number of write-in candidate votes to tally in City Council races.

Democrats voted more heavily than Republicans in Tuesday's election; 73.4 percent of county Democrats turned out, while the GOP vote was at 51.5 percent. About 25 percent of voters unaffiliated with a party turned in their ballots.

— Staff reports

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