State suspends Medford CNA's license

A Medford certified nursing assistant has had her license suspended after refusing to cooperate with state officials who were investigating whether she had improperly accepted $100,000 from a client who suffers from dementia.

Liberty Sayo Garachico's license was suspended after she failed to respond to inquiries from the state Board of Nursing. Medford police have been investigating the incident and have sent their findings to the Jackson County District Attorney's office to determine whether charges will be filed, Sgt. Kevin Walruff said Wednesday.

The nursing board received a complaint that Garachico had accepted the check from a client for whom she was providing care. Complainants' identities are kept confidential, said Barbara Holtry, the nursing board's communications and policy manager.

Nursing board investigators determined that in November 2007 Garachico accompanied the client to a bank where Garachico opened an account and deposited the check into that account. Garachico was working at the time for Earth Song II, an Ashland in-home care provider.

Certified nursing assistants, known as CNAs, provide limited patient care such as bathing, brushing teeth, and toileting. In-home care providers also may do errands for patients, such as shopping.

In August 2008, nursing board staff sent a letter to Garachico at her address of record in the 3000 block of Merriman Road, Medford, instructing her to contact the board to discuss the allegations. The report noted that Garachico failed to respond.

A second letter was mailed to her in September, and she again failed to respond or to request a timely hearing.

Holtry said Garachico's license remains suspended. She has 60 days to appeal the suspension from its issue date of Oct. 17. Holtry said the nursing board does not meet again until January, and if Garachico has not requested an appeal, the board would likely consider further action that could include revocation of her license.

The board also took disciplinary action against two other CNAs and two registered nurses in Jackson and Josephine counties.

The CNA license of Megan Marie Kelly of Grants Pass was revoked after the nursing board determined she falsified information on her CNA renewal. An investigation determined Kelly lied regarding her criminal history when she attempted to renew her license. She also continued to work while she was suspended, violating state rules.

Kelly's most recent employer was Highland House in Grants Pass.

The nursing board accepted Debra S. Campbell's voluntary surrender of her CNA license. The board was investigating the Grants Pass CNA after receiving a complaint that she allegedly struck a patient. The board report stated that Campell was adamant that she did not strike the patient, and that she never struck or intentionally caused physical harm or discomfort to a client. Her last place of employment was Laurel Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Grants Pass.

Under the terms of a voluntary license surrender, the certificate holder may not apply for reinstatement for three years.

The board suspended the registered nurse license of Barbara Jean Sonday of Central Point for 30 days after she allegedly falsified narcotics records and failed to truthfully answer questions during an interview. Her most recent employer was La Clinica.

The board accepted Cindy Corrine Gilliland's voluntary surrender of her registered nurse license. The Grants Pass nurse was reported to the board for patient abandonment and impairment on the job. She was reported to have left the workplace for 15 to 20 minutes at a time with a patient for no medical reason. Her last place of employment was Redwood Dialysis in Grants Pass.

Current disciplinary actions against nurses can be viewed online at

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