State: Jewelry offer too good to be true

Residents should be on alert for a jewelry offer that's actually a postal scam, state officials say.

Consumers around Oregon have reported receiving an offer in the mail on what looks like a green U.S. Postal Service tracking notice, according to a news release from Oregon Attorney General John Kroger. It says $50 worth of jewelry has been set to you, but that you must pay a processing fee of $6.95 to claim it. The card gives a toll-free number for recipients to call.

Jewelers have valued the so-called pearl-and-diamond, "gold-toned" necklace as worth about $1, the press release said. It costs another $1 to ship the jewelry, which consumers do receive. That means Consumer Clearinghouse Distributors, owned by Emerson Direct Inc. of Naples, Fla., is making about $4.95 per customer, Kroger's office said.

"We're looking into whether to take action" against the company, said Kroger spokesman Tony Green.

Although the card carries a disclaimer that the promotion is not affiliated with the Postal Service, it is barely visible, the attorney general added.

- Staff reports

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