State dismisses complaints against Walden challenger Segers

The state Elections Division has dismissed several complaints alleging misleading Voters Pamphlet statements by Democratic Congressional candidate Joyce Segers of Ashland.

Former state House Majority Leader Tim Knopp, a Bend contractor and political ally of Segers' opponent, Republican Rep. Greg Walden, filed the complaints Oct. 4.

When he filed the charges, Knopp lashed Segers for the opening line of her Voters Pamphlet statement, which said "Representative in Congress, 2nd District." He charged it would mislead voters into thinking she was the incumbent.

Elections Division compliance specialist Carla Corbin noted that the name of the office sought is printed above the names of all candidates and is not a portion of the candidates' statement.

Knopp also criticized Segers for attributing an anti-Walden quote to The Bulletin, a Bend newspaper, when they were her own words. The quote was: "Hard-working Oregonians are struggling to make ends meet ... we need a representative whose only priority is to help the people."

Corbin said a law banning false statements in such material didn't apply because Knopp's complaint didn't specifically allege the statement was false.

Knopp charged plagiarism when attribution was left off another quote by a pro-Segers doctor in Redmond, but the Elections Division dismissed that, noting that laws do not require quotes to be attributed.

Segers, in her first campaign for public office, said the errors were clerical and apologized to The Bulletin for the misattribution.

— John Darling, for the Mail Tribune

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