Antoine Ramone Coleman

Stabbing suspect balks at plea bargain

A Medford man suspected in the Christmas Day stabbing of his wife balked at a plea bargain this morning, but had second thoughts after he realized he could face a longer sentence in a jury trial.

Prosecutors and a defense attorney for Antoine Ramone Coleman had worked out a deal in which he would receive a sentence of 7.5 years in prison for attempted murder, but a 10-year sentence for felony assault would be waived.

"The deal isn't going to get better," Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Kelly Ravassipour said.

She gave Coleman until 11:30 a.m., Friday, to reconsider whether he wanted to reject the plea bargain.

Ravassipour said Coleman would be on trial for Measure 11 crimes, which carry mandatory minimum sentences.

Coleman is accused of stabbing his wife, Annette Coleman, several times at a residence in the 300 block of North Peach Street around 2:30 a.m. last Christmas.

She was transported to Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, according to officials.

Coleman, who remains in Jackson County Jail on $2 million bail, entered the courtroom and stared momentarily at the victim, who was surrounded by friends and family.

His attorney, Alyssa Bartholomew, told the court, "He is declining the offer and wants to proceed with the trial."

Laura Cromwell, deputy district attorney, said she was prepared to seek the maximum prison sentence if Coleman opted for the trial.

She said he's admitted to the stabbing, and the evidence against him is significant.

"He went back to retrieve a second knife and finish her off," she said.

— Damian Mann

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