Sprinkler stops dryer fire at hospital

A fire sprinkler extinguished a laundry fire on early this morning in a laundry room at Providence Medford Medical Center, 1111 Crater Lake Ave.

Cleaning rags in an electric clothes dryer ignited and activated the fire sprinkler system, Medford Fire-Rescue officials said in a news release today. The hospital's alarm system also warned all occupants in the building and notified the 9-1-1 dispatch center at 3:25 a.m.

Medford Fire-Rescue sent 19 firefighters to the scene, with the first fire truck arrived within six minutes. Fire damage was contained to the dryer and the load of cleaning rags, while the rest of the ground-floor laundry room sustained some smoke and water damage, fire officials said.

No patient-care areas were affected and only the laundry area had to be evacuated. No one was injured.

Fire and hospital officials inspected the emergency department, Birthplace, and other first-floor areas connected to the same air-handling system to ensure no smoke odor or carbon monoxide were present.

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