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Too much Singler coverage? All I can say is, wow, in response to seeing this phrase. I have to apologize, I didn't read the article at all as I didn't need to. My wife, I and three daughter's always get excited to look in the paper or watch Kyle on SportsCenter to see how he did, and we don't even know him personally.

Our 13-year-old daughter loves to watch him, for his hustle, his energy and his sportsmanship. I have never met the Singler family, but would love to say, "Great job," and I hope our daughters are great examples like Kyle has been. If you follow basketball, and more specifically Duke basketball, you hear that Duke had better players last year, but this year they have a better TEAM.

Read an article or two about what national writers say and you will see that they say the addition of Kyle Singler has brought a team chemistry that they have not had in a few years. And oh, by the way, we are in the Crater Comet school district. — Rachel Guthrie, Central Point

To those who do not feel Kyle Singler deserves recognition or coverage should think twice about what they are saying, Just the other day I was telling some of my friends while out golfing how much more passion and interest it has given me to watch the Duke Blue Devils since we have a "hometown" boy on the team, and my buddies agree!

My son and Kyle have competed against each other since junior high in many sports, and to see a young man of his caliber go to the next level is very exciting. We as community that have had the opportunity and pleasure to watch and see this young man grow up over the years should be proud to be associated with Kyle.

This should go for any student-athlete in this community that excels to the next level and makes something of themselves. It is nice to see that there are parents like Ed and Kris Singler challenging their children to become someone and show others that with hard work and dedication, you can be whatever you want to be if you just put forth an effort.

Kyle keep doing what you are doing. You have made many of us proud to say we have had the opportunity to know you. — Ron Staniforth, Central Point

Although Duke faded fast, thank you for your coverage this year of Kyle Singler and the Duke Blue Devils. This exceptionally talented young man has certainly made an early mark for his team and in the Atlantic Coast Conference, a premier athletic conference in the country; but most importantly, his personal conduct on and off the court speaks volumes about his growing up years and development in Medford, which has to make all of us home folks proud.

I hope you leave space open to follow Kyle next year. I feel certain he will become one of the outstanding Duke players next season. — Chet Montgomery, Medford

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