This is in response to the recent letter to the editor titled "Too Much Singler Coverage." I completely disagree with the writer. Kyle is more than just a fine athlete from Medford, he is an exceptional player and person who is representing his community with pride, and I applaud the Mail Tribune for its extensive coverage of him. I agree that there are other athletes representing this community at many levels, but none are playing at the level he is.

I am not sure if Mr. Miller attended any of South Medford's basketball games during Kyle's prep years. If he did, he would have seen a high school boy staying on the gym floor after every game, well after his teammates had gone to the locker room, signing autographs and taking pictures for all ages. He never looked irritated or bothered. He always had a huge smile, understanding he had a responsibility of being a positive role model for his fans. Those fans fell in love with Kyle and appreciate all the attention the local media has given.

To the comment that he was happy that Duke lost is a poor example of community support and probably one of jealousy for what this fine young man has achieved. — Amanda Boster, Central Point

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