Southern Oregon boy has peanut butter-related salmonella

A Jackson County boy has been confirmed as Oregon's 10th case of salmonella related to contaminated peanut butter.

State public health officials declined to release any information about the boy's identity.

June Bancroft, an epidemiologist for the Oregon Public Health Division, said investigators don't know what the boy ate that caused him to be ill, other than that "he ate something with peanut butter."

Bancroft said the boy's illness surfaced around Jan. 15, but he was not initially confirmed to be infected with the salmonella typhimurium bacterium that has been the source of the illness. He's the fifth case to surface in Oregon since Jan. 1.

Of Oregon's 10 cases, three have been in Clackamas County, two in Multnomah, one in Washington, two in Baker, and one in Lane.

Bancroft said public health officials are still trying to determine whether additional food products may have been tainted by the contaminated peanut butter that has been traced to a plant in Blakely, Ga., where peanut butter and peanut paste are produced for institutional customers.

— Bill Kettler

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