SORCC vets set for drive-through shots

The annual free drive-through flu vaccination clinic for eligible veterans will be held Wednesday at the Department of Veterans Affairs' Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics in White City.

The clinic will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at SORCC, 8495 Crater Lake Highway, White City.

Veterans enrolled as outpatients at SORCC are eligible for the flu shots as are VA volunteers and agency employees. There are more than 11,000 outpatients at the facility.

This marks the third year for the fall drive-through vaccination program, which draws more veterans each year, observed Yvonne Chilcoat, infection control and occupation health nurse at the facility. Some 300 veterans drove through for their flu shots last fall.

"We've gotten nothing but positive feedback from it," she said. "The nice part is they don't have to find a parking space. All they have to do is put an arm out the window."

Like last year, veterans won't have to get out of their vehicles but will stop at three stations. At the first, veterans will register and organizers will review their eligibility. At the second, veterans will receive their shot. At the last, health officials will make sure the veterans haven't had a negative reaction.

"It's very quick," Chilcoat reiterated. "We'll have two stations on either side of the road for them to get a shot."

Signs directing veterans to the clinic will be posted at SORCC's entrance. Those receiving shots should be dressed so they will be able to bare their arms when they arrive.

The family dog or other pets should be left at home since they can disrupt the proceedings. If it is necessary for a pet to accompany the veteran, the pet should be safely secured in the vehicle.

The body begins building immunity to the introduced flu virus within two weeks after being inoculated. The immunity lasts for about six months.

Since the vaccines are grown on chicken eggs, anyone allergic to eggs should avoid them, officials caution.

Eligible veterans who don't receive a flu shot during the drive-through clinic can still receive the vaccine during their regular appointments at SORCC.

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