Sopping wet Sunday marks a rainfall record in Medford

The big weekend storm broke Medford's record for Oct. 24 rainfall, dumping 1.11 inches on the Medford area and exceeding the 1940 record of .89 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

During the record-setting rain Sunday, temperatures in the Medford area were 8 degrees below normal, the weather service says. The season's first sticking snow fell in the mountains of Southern Oregon.

The weather service reported that on Saturday and Sunday, 1.45 inches of rain was recorded at Medford airport, with 1.94 inches on Evans Creek. One spot in Josephine County recorded 4.92 inches, and one in Curry County reported 5.43 inches.

Above average rainfall is expected here in October and November because a looming La Nina system will blow weather systems off the ocean from the west and northwest, said weather service climatologist Shad Keene in Medford. Sunday's storm was not considered part of that pattern.

The La Nina pattern also is expected to bring a cooler, wetter winter and more snow December through February, says Keene.

— John Darling, for the Mail Tribune

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