The outside of a house at 1281 Thomas Rd., is burned where a trash can caught fire next to the home. - Mandy Valencia

Smoldering trash causes fire on Thomas Road

Medford Fire and Rescue crews quickly stopped a Thomas Road fire that had spread despite a resident's efforts to put it out.

Crews responded to a fire at 8:47 a.m. at 1281 Thomas Road.

According to Battalion Chief Brian Fish, a lit candle near a dog bed had started a fire that the resident extinguished, before placing the damaged bed in a plastic trash can. The dog bed continued smoldering in the trash can, which soon caught fire. Flames scorched the wall.

The man then attempted to put the fire out, but had put away his garden hoses for the winter and wasn't able to extinguish it quickly enough. He asked his neighbor to call 9-1-1, Fish said.

Four fire engines and two water trucks were called to the scene and put the fire out in minutes before it got inside the house.

"Anytime you have something hot that's been on fire, take it outside away from the house and leave it out for a day," Fish said.

He also suggested drenching it with water a few times as well.

"We've had fires from ashes that people have set on their porch," Fish said. "Be careful."

— Mandy Valencia

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