Since You Asked: Road work near SMHS in the plans long-range

South Columbus Avenue is the main road leading to the new South Medford High School, but a considerable portion of the street has no sidewalks for students to use on their way to school. Are there plans to fix this before we have a tragedy?

— Catherine L., Medford

The simple answer to your question is, "yes," the city does plan to widen Columbus and install sidewalks.

However, it might take a long time before this project commences. Currently, transportation officials have pegged the year 2023 before it could be built.

Right now there is no money in the city's budget to pay for the widening project, which would be from South Stage Road to Stewart Avenue.

Transportation officials are expected to meet in the future to discuss prioritization of road projects. It's possible Columbus could move up the long list of projects.

The school obviously made some improvements to the sidewalks near the campus. The city has plans to upgrade Lozier Lane in the future and Garfield Street to the east is on the list for major improvements.

In the meantime, city and school officials recommend students who walk on Columbus instead use Dixie Lane, which parallels Columbus on the west side. While Dixie also doesn't have sidewalks all the way to the school, it has far less traffic on it.

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