Short stretch of Greenway project set for summer

Gold Hill residents might scratch their heads when work crews build a short stretch of the Rogue River Greenway this summer to the west of Rock Point Bridge.

The three-tenths-of-a-mile-long project will be built on the side of the roadway. Bids will be opened on June 21, and the project should start in July or August, with a six-week construction schedule.

"Our project seems to be an island," said Mike Kuntz, Jackson County Roads and Parks Department engineer.

The county estimates the project should cost about $280,000 and is one of many that will help complete the 30-mile-long path from Grants Pass to Central Point, where it will connect with the Bear Creek Greenway.

Kuntz said the Rogue River Greenway is being built in different stages as grant money becomes available.

"That's the way you build long systems," Kuntz said. "You just chink away at them as dollars arise."

The Rock Point Bridge section will connect with another eight-tenths-of-a-mile section that will be built in 2013 for an estimated $1.65 million. A small bridge might be built for this section.

Once built, the two sections will allow cyclists and pedestrians to travel on the path from Gold Hill to Del Rio Vineyards.

Another three-mile section of the greenway is also being built through Valley of the Rogue State Park.

Kuntz said there still will be a 2.5-mile stretch of the greenway that needs to be built to fully connect Gold Hill to Rogue River.

One of the most difficult stretches remaining will be from Gold Hill to Central Point, he said.

Kuntz said the planning work for that section is ongoing.

Work on the Rogue River Greenway began in 2004. Since then more than $6 million in grants, donations and in-kind contributions have been geared toward 12 miles of path that is either completed, is being built or well along in the planning stages.

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