Shelter suspects not yet charged in dogs' deaths

Two people arrested on charges stemming from a weekend break-in at the Josephine County animal shelter remain in custody on property crime charges, but the Josephine County district attorney hasn't yet filed animal abuse charges against them.

Harley Davidson Hopkins, 22, and Jacob A. Goodboe, 16, each made an initial appearance in court Wednesday to face second-degree burglary, criminal mischief, theft and trespassing charges. Hopkins remains in the Josephine County Jail, and Goodboe is held at the Josephine County Juvenile Detention Center while the investigation continues and prosecutors review the charges to be filed against them, said Janine Wilson, the county's juvenile justice division manager.

A 16-year-old girl linked to the crime turned herself in this afternoon, but her name and the charges she faces weren't immediately available. This morning she returned a blue heeler pup snatched from the shelter Friday.

Investigators suspect that the three broke into the shelter after it closed Friday to get Hopkins' dog, which he thought had been taken there. They cut open the kennels of 11 of the 15 dogs at the shelter that night, police say.

Four pups, all younger than 6 months, were found dead at about 11:30 p.m. Friday along Pleasant Valley Road, killed by a blow to the head and placed on the roadway. Three dogs were found loose at the shelter Saturday. Another was found running in a nearby neighborhood Tuesday and investigators found the last three, a chocolate Labrador and two blue heeler puppies, with the suspects.

The Grants Pass Daily Courier is reporting that the suspects claim they took the stolen dogs to a transient camp, and investigators are now working to determine who last had the dogs that were found dead.

— Anita Burke

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