She gives her heart to animals; now, she needs help

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Alittle financial help with rescue efforts would light up the life of this local angel of abandoned animals.

Jessie, 27, might seem to have the odds stacked against her. But she has a heart as big as the holiday tree in Medford's Vogel Plaza — especially when it comes to lost, tossed or injured animals.

Born with a developmental disability, Jessie had to be removed from her family home in her early childhood due to issues of abuse and neglect.

She grew up in various foster homes, which might have caused her to feel some bitterness toward people, but Jessie has a great sense of humor and is very compassionate.

Jessie, in addition to having her own beloved little dog, has taken in an abandoned lovebird and is nursing it back to health. Helping out abandoned animals is not a new thing. Jessie assists in the care of small animals, providing loving encouragement and paying for immunizations and veterinary care whenever she can.

This is particularly commendable given her economic situation.

Although she recently started a part-time job doing janitorial services, she depends on a fixed Social Security income that barely meets her daily living expenses.

Jessie has good computer skills and has successfully used the Internet to find secure homes for some rescued animals.

But she does not have her own computer and would really like one so she can expand her efforts and help more animals. Some financial assistance for the rescue bills she pays would also be very much appreciated.

If you can help Jessie expand her selfless support of animal rescue, call Jim at Living Opportunities at 541-772-1503.

Reach reporter Sanne Specht at 541-776-4497 or

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