Shady Cove driver rescued on remote road

Jackson County Sheriff's deputies rescued an 86-year-old woman near Trail Thursday afternoon after she got lost driving on a remote forest road.

Beatrice Pulliam, 86, of Shady Cove, was found by plane spotters at about 2 p.m. after she became lost driving up Sawyer Road, according to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

Pulliam was driving her dog to the dog groomer when she became confused and thought she was driving down the mountain road, when in fact she was headed uphill away from town.

She eventually took an off-road trail, and when she realized she was lost, Pulliam used her cellphone to call a friend for help but lost reception. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office learned of Pulliam's plight at 11:55 a.m. and pinged her cellphone.

When they determined her general location, they called in air support. Within 10 minutes of flying, deputies located Pulliam and the vehicle.

Without the air support, deputies would have had to hike the remote area on foot, and locating Pulliam could have taken up to two days, said Andrea Carlson, spokeswoman for the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

After rescuing Pulliam, deputies sent for additional help and equipment to free the woman's vehicle, which was wedged between several logs.

Pulliam and her dog are both reported to be in good condition.

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