September 27, 1913

Mike Spanos and George Parker were resentenced in the Circuit Court at 10 o'clock this morning by Judge Calksin to be hanged at the state penitentiary on October 31, 1913 for the murder of George Dedaskalous at Medford, September 22, 1912.

Neither of the condemned men showed the effect of the long strain in the state penitentiary, where they awaited the result of the appeal of the supreme court for a new trial.

Asked by Judge Calkins if they had anything to say, each man spoke briefly, thanking the prison officials and others for the considerate treatment received since their conviction. No word in extenuation of the crime or punishment was offered by either man: both seemed to have steeled themselves to the inevitable, and no quiver or falter was apparent in voice or manner. Parker stated that he had no feeling of resentment against anyone connected with the case and expected the sentence as a duty imposed upon the court.

Spanos and Parker will be returned to the state penitentiary by the sheriff to await the execution of today's sentence.


LOS ANGELES, Cal., Sept. 27. — Mrs. Rebecca P. Gay, A Christian Science practitioner, divorced wife of John Gay, multimillionaire of San Diego, was found murdered in her office in a downtown office building early today. She had been beaten over the head until her brains exuded with a piece of of 3/8-inch gaspipe wrapped in brown paper. The pipe lay beside her body.

The murderer evidently had tried to drag the body to a window opening to an airshaft, to throw it to the court below. Failing, he had covered it with books and Christian Science literature pulled from a table.

The body was found by a char woman, who screamed and then fainted. Janitors hearing her outcry notified the police.

The floor and walls of the office were scattered with blood. Tables and chairs were overturned.

Coroner Hartwell examined the body and said life had been extinct at least 10 hours. Night Watchmen at the building declared no one had entered or left the building since 7 o'clock last night to the best of their knowledge.

Mrs. Gay was about 55 years of age. She was among the best known Christian Science practitioners of Los Angeles.

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