September 25, 1913

E. Stratton, a hotel worker about 30 years of age met death yesterday night by being dragged head down from the Southern Pacific water tank to Jackson Street crossing with one foot caught in the the rail of a boxcar of a moving train. From one o'clock last night, the time of the discovery of the body, until noon today, his identity was clouded. Then Councilman George Porter positively identified him as E. Strattos, who worked two days for the Big Pines Lumber Company this week. An inquest will be held this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

The dead man had evidently boarded the northbound freight at the water tank, and from a trail of blood fell backwards from his hold near the Fifth Street crossing. His foot caught between the foot pull and against the car floor, and he was helpless, his cries being drowned by the noise of the train. This happened about ten o'clock, and the body was discovered by the crew of a southbound freight train about one o'clock. Two freights and a passenger train passed over his body before a discovery.

A hundred curious people flocked to the Perl undertaking parlors this morning to see the remains. The dead man had lived in Medford for two years at intervals. He was known as "Rip," and had worked as a cook and helper at the Medford Hotel. Recently he returned from a trip to Portland and yesterday went to work for the Big Pines Lumber Company. Nothing is known of the relatives of the man, though it is believed they live in Southern California.


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