September 23, 1913

Although but few are aware of it, Medford has a flourishing young factory busy making auto appliances, most of which originated in Medford. It is located over the valley Garage and specializes on carburetor adjustment and operates under the name of the Whiteman Motor Appliance company.

The Whiteman Carburetor Adjustor idea originated by C.E. Whiteman. The first device was made by C.E. Whiteman and Frank Cain, formerly of the Valley Auto Company.

This was installed on N.S. Janes' Page Detroit car in October, 1912, and the results far exceeded expectations.

A partnership was formed by Whiteman and O.L. Early in January 1913, and the old Valley Auto shop leased. During winter and spring the idea was further worked out and perfected, and in July 1913 the firm was incorporated under the name of Whiteman Motor Appliance Company for the manufacture of the adjustor and other automobile devices and improvements.

The company was strongly urged in the spring to go to California to install their plant and begin active operations with the assistance of California capital. They were confident in their ability to both finance and manufacture in Medford on a paying basis, thinking that shipping conditions would ultimately change here. The support that has been accorded them by the people of Medford has already justified the judgement in localizing the factory here.

The company have buit and tested a new carburetor which will be put on the market next year. They are at present experimenting with a device which will make it possible, not only to use distillate or kerosene, but to start the motor on these low grade fuels even in cold weather without the necessity of using gasoline.The Carburetor adjustor is manufactured in their factory here. All the work from moulding to nickeling done. Not only this but the special tools required for this high-grade work are designed an manufactured in their own shop. They claim for their adjustor that it makes possible a perfect mixture of gas with result of perfect combustion which means greater power, cleaner and cooler motor, also a great saving in gasoline consumption. The results on over a dozen different makes of cars show from 20 to over 60 percent milage increase per gallon.

The demand for the adjuster is already so great that they stopped making them for immediate delivery, and are rushing work on equipment to enable them to turn the device out in quantity.

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