Seems sentenced to 10 years in prison for manslaughter

A man convicted of manslaughter in the stabbing death of an 18-year-old man in Phoenix in June was sentenced to 10 years in prison this morning in Jackson County Circuit Court.

Michael Joseph-Gregory Seems, 25, apologized and said he never meant to kill Teddy Sanchez.

Seems caused Sanchez's death with a single thrust of a blade that pierced the victim's heart and lung following a verbal altercation at Coleman Creek Estates on Fern Valley Road.

Seems said in court today that he hoped God and Sanchez's family could forgive him.

Prosecutor Jeremy Markiewicz read a letter from Sanchez's parents into the record. The parents expressed disappointment the jury had not found Seems guilty of murder, instead of the lesser manslaughter charge. They said Seems' sentence was too short and excoriated him as "a heartless child of the devil" who killed their son "as if he were killing an animal."

In handing down the mandatory Measure 11 sentence, Judge Tim Barnack said the jury had sent a message that gang violence will not be tolerated in Jackson County.

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