Search teams find snowboarder's body on Shasta

The body of a missing snowboarder was recovered Sunday morning on Mt. Shasta.

Alexander Gautreaux, 23, of Mt. Shasta, had been missing since Thursday afternoon. His remains were discovered by search and rescue crews at about 9 a.m. His body was buried upside down in a snowdrift about 100 feet outside of the boundaries of one of his favorite runs, Coyote Run, said Allison Giannini, spokesperson for the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department.

Gautreaux had called his wife on Thursday to say he was going to make one last ride down , then return home, she said.

"He never made it," Giannini said.

Search and rescue crews from Jackson County, as well as Portland, Klamath and Lake Tahoe helped in the search for the missing man. Rescuers were out on the runs until late at night and were back on the slopes before dawn, she said.

"We had two feet of new snow since the time (Gautreaux) went missing," said Giannini. "That didn't help in the search efforts."

Jackson County Search and Rescue crew members help rescue another man who was also upended and buried in the snow. But they and ski patrol members were able to pull the snowboarder out before he asphyxiated, Giannini said.

"They say you only have about five minutes before you asphyxiate," she said. "(Jackson County crews) saved that person's life."

Giannini had no further information on the man who was saved. A call to Andrea Carlson, spokesperson for the Jackson County Sheriff's Department, was not returned Sunday.

(Clarification: Gautreaux didn't tell his wife where he was skiing on the mountain, complicating search efforts, the Mount Shasta ski patrol reported. This story has been updated to reflect the challenges the ski patrol and other searchers faced.)

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