Search for Densmore successor will likely take time

Search for Densmore successor will likely take time

When Councilor Al Densmore leaves office on Aug. 2, the city of Medford will begin a lengthy search for his replacement.

The 66-year-old Medford resident has been councilor in Ward 1, which is in northeastern Medford, since 2006.

Densmore said there is no specific reason for his departure other than to spend more time with his family and to enjoy life.

Densmore, who previously has had heart problems, said his health remains good, though he acknowledged that working as both a city councilor and on the Medford Urban Renewal Agency board has been stressful at times

The city can't begin the search for a new councilor until Densmore has left office.

Once he leaves, the first order of business will be to file a public notice of the vacancy in the Mail Tribune once a week over two consecutive weeks. The deadline for applications must be at least two weeks after the first notice is published.

A petition form will be given to each applicant, with the requirement that they each collect at least 25 signatures of voters from Ward 1. The city has a candidate information sheet that also must be filled out.

The city will appoint a committee of five citizens from Ward 1. The committee will interview all applicants and make recommendations to the City Council as to which candidates it thinks are the most qualified.

All eligible candidates will have an opportunity to appear before both the citizen's committee and the council for interviews.

If the council isn't satisfied with the field of applicants, it can repeat the process as many times as it deems necessary.

Once an application has been submitted and the applicant has been interviewed, that person does not have to submit a new application if the council decides to repeat the process.

The process of appointing a new councilor to a vacant seat is spelled out in Medford Municipal Code 2.080.

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