Southern Oregon Scrubs player Mackenzie Krieser shoots the ball past Redding, Calif., goalie Kyleigh Stewart to tie the game in the second half on Sunday. - Andy Atkinson

Scrubs clean up at RV Cup

Rogue Valley Cup soccer foes and the R&B group TLC have a few things in common.

First of all, neither wants any Scrubs.

That's because the Southern Oregon Scrubs is a soccer squad that doesn't get much out of losing.

And secondly, neither is chasing waterfalls — the medley of local standouts is after a first-place trophy, sticking to the winning paths that they've become used to.

The Scrubs sealed a berth in this morning's U19 girls championship contest by going 3-0-1 and scoring 13 goals during the three-day tournament.

On Sunday, the Scrubs clinched their title-game date with Humboldt Youth Soccer League United by blowing out Nevada Elite FC, 7-0. They have allowed just two goals on the Memorial Day weekend, with one coming in a 4-1 victory over GPYSC Nitro on Saturday and the other in a 1-1 draw with the Redding, Calif., Missfits at North Medford High on Sunday.

HYSL United, of Eureka, Calif., went 2-2 with 10 goals on the weekend to set the dramatic stage. The two clubs will play at 10 a.m. at North Medford High.

"It has been a great weekend," said Southern Oregon head coach James Figueroa, who helped guide the champion U19 Rogue Valley Soccer Club Fusion girls last year. "The kids have been having fun and hopefully tomorrow we can finish it up right."

St. Mary's senior Mackenzie Krieser accepted a smartly placed assist from North Medford senior Sarah Chambers and scored during the 47th minute to even the score against the Missfits.

After taking in the pass, Krieser motored past the Redding defense inside the goal box and launched the shot into the center of the net.

The dangerous striker, who has signed a national letter of intent to play soccer at Division I University of San Francisco, was surprisingly scoreless leading up to Sunday's breakthrough underneath a watercolor sky that bled shades of blue.

"I was getting kind of frustrated," Krieser said. "I was in a rut. Each game I was getting more and more frustrated because I was taking 20-plus shots a game and not making it in the net. So I know when Sarah comes up front with me, I know I will have more opportunities because she is a skilled forward."

Shasta High senior Allie Maxwell put Redding on the scoreboard first, netting a goal in one-on-one fashion after collecting an assist from Andria Clagg in the 15th minute.

Southern Oregon, sporting pink and yellow tie-dyed shirts with jersey numbers as high as 100, had several offensive opportunities in the tight match.

Chambers earned a penalty kick late in the first half, but the shot was stopped by Missfits goalkeeper Kyleigh Stewart, who finished with six saves during the 60-minute game.

Krieser had two near scores with about five minutes left in the first, coming up just inches off on a glancing header near the goal and then shooting wide right on a bending attempt a few possessions later.

The Scrubs also had plenty of daring defensive stops — Ali Kelly, a 2010 South Medford High graduate who now attends Oregon State University, repaired a rare defensive lapse and helped halt a close-range Redding strike about 10 minutes into the second half.

Kendra McMillen, a 2010 North Medford High graduate who now plays goalkeeper at the University of Montana, is one of several players whom Figueroa reached out to earlier in the year. Normally a goalie, she has played the forward and midfield positions in the Cup.

"He texted me and asked me I if I wanted to play while I was at school and I was more than willing to play for him," said McMillen, who started in 11 of the Grizzlies' 18 matches as a true freshman in the fall. "It has worked out so well. I love it and I am having so much fun."

St. Mary's senior goalkeeper Gina Barbieri played a complete game between the pipes against Redding, whose head coach Keith Stewart praised Southern Oregon afterward.

"I feel great about it because I think that we tied with the eventual tournament champion right there," Stewart said.

On the boys side, Eastside FC Red Kova of Bellevue will take on the Rogue Valley Soccer Club Fuego at 10 a.m. today at U.S. Cellular Community Park.

Eastside FC Red Kova is 3-1 with 10 goals at the Cup, while the RVSC squad is 3-1 with 16 goals. The Fuego has only allowed two goals — both came against Eastside FC Red Kova in a 2-1 loss on Sunday.

Ashland's Dakota Wolff netted the RVSC squad's lone goal on a penalty kick in the second half that tied things at 1. With about three minutes remaining in the match, Red Kova scored the game-winner.

Fuego later blanked Table Rock Soccer Club Sexy Can I 8-0 in a critical contest. The RVSC Centaurs — who were also in contention for a title-match berth — fell to the Washington State Cup champions 2-0 on Sunday, meaning Fuego had to beat Sexy Can I by three goals to advance to the championship contest.

Fuego stormed out to a 4-0 lead in the first 11 minutes against Sexy Can I to take command of its destiny and set the rematch.

Grants Pass' Taylor Griggs registered two goals and an assist and Kevin Wilcox netted two goals in the win.

Wolff turned in a goal and three assists, and South Medford's Kodie Artner, Ashland's Ian Murray and St. Mary's Harrison Leep eached added a goal.

"I basically told my boys before the game that you don't get second chances very often so let's take advantage of it," Fuego head coach Kevin Primerano said. "We cashed in on that second chance tonight. Hopefully we can cash in on another second chance tomorrow."

Sunday's Scores


U10 — Redding Missfits United 4, RVSC Future Stars Blue 2; RVSC Future Stars White 5, SMSC Strikers 0; RVSC Future Stars Red 1, SSSC Lady Jaguars 1; SMSC Green Lightning 11, STSC Outlaws 1; Redding Missfits United 5, GPYSC Crush 3; RVSC Future Stars Blue 8, SMSC Strikers 0; RVSC Future Stars White 2, SSSC Lady Jaguars 1; RVSC Future Stars Red 3, STSC Outlaws 0; SMSC Green Lightning 2, GPYSC Crush 0.

U11 — GPYSC Strikerz 2, BUSC Strive 0; SMSC Storm 3, GPYSC Strikerz White 1; RVSC Force 1, SSSC Nevada Pride 0; ASC FC 1, RVSC Inferno 1; RVSC Rage 4, BUSC Strive 0; SMSC Storm 1, TWC Extreme FB 0; GPYSC Strikerz Blue 1, RVSC Force 1; RVSC Inferno 2, GPYSC Strikerz White 1; RVSC Rage 1, SSSC Nevada Pride 0; ASC FC 4, TWC Extreme FB 0.

U12 — Nevada Elite FC 2, RSA Roseburg Reign 0; GPYSC Force 3, STSC Hawks 1; FC Willamette Paragon 4, SMSC Artic Cats 1; RVSC Impact 5, SSSC Lady Jaguars 0; RVSC Revolution 0, RSA Roseburg Reign 0; GPYSC Force 1, Nevada Elite FC 0; FC Willamette Paragon 4, STSC Hawks 0; RVSC Impact 1, SMSC Artic Cats 0; SSSC Lady Jaguars, 1 RVSC Revolution 1.

U13 SILVER — RVSC Aftershock 2, BUSC Forza 0; SSC Reno Rattlers 2, SOSA Blackout 0; SSSC Lady Jaguars 3, Downtown LVSC Rapids 0; ASC Supernova 2, RVSC Strikers 1; Reno Rattlers 2, Downtown LVSC Rapids 0; BUSC Forza 0, SSSC Lady Jaguars 0; ASC Supernova 3, RVSC Aftershock 0; RVSC Strikers 1, SOSA Blackout 0.

U13 GOLD — FC Samoa Humboltz 1, SSSC Nevada Pride 0; RVSC Surge 2, SRU Frost 0; SRU Frost 0, SSSC Nevada Pride 0; FC Samoa Humboltz 0, FC Willamette Primetime 0; RVSC Surge 2, FC Willamette Primetime 1.

U14 — GPYSC Storm 2, THUSC Nitrogen 0; RVSC Blackhawks 2, RVSC Ammunition 0; RVSC Venom 0, AC United 0; ISC 911 4, ASC Predators 0; UPSC Strikers 3, SMSC Avalanche 1; LOSC Royals 2, North Valley United 1; GPYSC Storm 2, AC United 0; RVSC Blackhawks 1, ISC 911 1; THUSC Nitrogen 2, SMSC Avalanche 0; LOSC Royals 2, RVSC Ammunition 0; UPSC Strikers 0, RVSC Venom 0; North Valley United 3, ASC Predators 0.

U16 — SMSC Strikers 2, Oregon Rush Swoosh 0; RVSC Power Strikers 5, SSC Incline Tahoe Ice 0; THUSC Platinum 1, SOSA Lightening 0; SSC Nevada Nitro 1, Samoa FC 1; RVSC Reign United 6, Oregon Rush Swoosh 0; RVSC Power Strikers 2, SMSC Strikers 0; THUSC Platinum 2, SSC Incline Tahoe Ice 0; Samoa FC 1, SOSA Lightening 0; RVSC Reign United 3, SSC Nevada Nitro 0.

U17 — RVSC Rogue FC 3, RVSC Protectors 0; OSSA White Hurricanes 0, North Valley United 0; GPYSC United 4, ASC Lithium 0; North Valley United 2, RVSC Rogue FC 0; ASC Lithium 4, RVSC Protectors 0; OSSA White Hurricanes 1, GPYSC United 0.

U19 — Scrubs 7, Nevada Elite 0; Missfits 6, GPYSC Nitro 2; HYSL Humboldt United 2, RVSC Fusion 1; Scrubs 1, Missfits 1; RVSC Fusion 6, Nevada Elite FC 1; GPYSC Nitro 4, HYSL Humboldt United 0.


U10 — RVSC Matadors 6, MUFC Mutiny 0; BUSC Tsunami 2, MRU United 1; RSA Vipers 2, RVSC Ducks 0; MRU United 3, MUFC Mutiny 2; RVSC Matadors 4, RVSC Ducks 0; BUSC Tsunami 4, RSA Vipers 0.

U11 — MRU Fuente Force 8, GPYSC Adrenaline Blue 0; GPYSC Adrenaline White 2, RVSC United 1; ASC United 3, RSA Strikers 0; SMSC Strikers 4, ASC City 1; RVSC United 2, MRU Fuente Force 0; MUFC Mutiny 5, RVSC United II 0; ASC United 6, GPYSC Adrenaline Blue 1; ASC City 3, GPYSC Adrenaline White 1; RSA Strikers 1, RVSC United 0; MUFC Mutiny 4, SMSC Strikers 4.

U12 — BU Breakers 6, BUSC Mogenheid 0; MRYSL United 10, RSA Crusaders 0; SMSC Strikers 1, GPYSC Fury 0; RVSC Nitro 6, BUSC Verdego 0; ASC Spartans 3, BU Breakers 0; MRYSL United 3, Redding Kaos Rebels 2; SMSC Strikers 6, BUSC Mogenheid 0; RVSC Nitro 10, RSA Crusaders 1; ASC Spartans 2, GPYSC Fury 1; Redding Kaos Rebels 5, BUSC Verdego 0.

U13 — EMFC River Platte 6, SSC Ambush 1; BUSC Veloce 4, MUFC Mutiny 0; MRU United 6, RVSC Arsenal 1; EMFC Boca Juniors 2, ISC Storm 0; GPYSC Torrent 5, SSC Ambush 1; SSSC Jaguars 4, BUSC Veloce 2; EMFC River Platte 7, RVSC Arsenal 1; EMFC Boca Juniors 5, MUFC Mutiny 1; GPYSC Torrent 2, MRU United 2; SSSC Jaguars 1, ISC Storm 0.

U14/15 — SMSC Coyotes 3, RVSC Lightin'ing 1; MUFC Mutiny 2, EMFC Gunners 1; North Valley United 3, GPYSC Flames 1; THUSC Cobalt 6, RSA Pursuit 0; RVSC Manchester United 4, SMSC Coyotes 1; EMFC Gunners 7, RVSC Lightin'ing 0; MUFC Mutiny 5, GPYSC Flames 0; THUSC Cobalt 3, North Valley United 2; RVSC Manchester United 5, RSA Pursuit 2.

U16/17 — BUSC Team Swag 5, ASC 17 1; Tahoe United 3, RVSC Barcelona 0; MRU United 0, SSSC Jaguars 0; SOSA Los Pumas 1, Tahoe United 0; BUSC Team Swag 1, MRU United 0; RVSC Barcelona 4, ASC 17 0; SOSA Los Pumas 4, SSSC Jaguars 0.

U19 — RVSC Centaurs 6, RSA Umpqua SC 0; RVSC Thundercats 2, TRSC Sexy Can I 0; MRU United 2, RVSC Crusaders 2; Eastside FC Red Kova 2, RVSC Fuego 1; RVSC Thundercats 1, RVSC Crusaders 0; MRU United 2, RSA Umpqua SC 1; Eastside FC Red Kova 2, RVSC Centaurs 0; RVSC Fuego 8, TRSC Sexy Can I 0.

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