Rustic modern

Rustic modern

For many of us, the thought of decorating in the modern style can be a scary one. Images of sterile, stern lines come to mind, often suggesting cold and unwelcoming environments. But the idea of modern doesn't always mean minimal and white. Today we're seeing designers and homeowners alike pairing rustic finishes and furnishings with crisp aluminum and glass details. The look is a sort of rustic transitional. The beauty of transitional design is that it affords the ability to create an eclectic look, pulling from both traditional and modern stylings.

An obvious interest in pieces that evoke a respect for nature and are sustainable accounts for the some of the mix, but for many it's the desire to blend simple lines with warm finishes that has caused this transitional look to take hold. Transitional design is perfect for homeowners who want an easy take on modern or a slightly edgier approach to traditional. The room most comfortably wearing this transitional cloak is the kitchen. Here, the look is accomplished by designing a kitchen with clean lines, featuring contemporary full access cabinetry while incorporating a very traditional walnut wood. The benefit of a transitional kitchen is that homeowners can still have the comfort of traditional elements without sacrificing modern technology and up-to-date amenities and storage features.

The easiest way to accomplish the look is to work with a custom kitchen designer. Custom cabinetry allows designers and homeowners to make a number of modifications including finishes, materials, sizes and shapes. Additionally, custom kitchens can incorporate more or less of either style.

"By combining contemporary and traditional looks, you can bring a fresh twist to something familiar or take a little risk without losing comfort," says George (Butch) Achey, president of Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry. "Transitional kitchens often mix European and American details, bringing a bit of Milan together with a slice of Philadelphia. Cool and warm."

An easy way to achieve the transitional look in the kitchen is through wood species, custom colors and a variety of accessories. The trick is to find the perfect combination that suits your personal taste. If you happen to like modern amenities such as glass, steel and concrete, but don't want a strictly contemporary kitchen, select a door style that reflects a more traditional design to warm up the space. To modify a traditional space, think hardware, stainless steel appliances and a simple, flat door style. Go for cool warmth. Go transitional.

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