Rogue River City Council set to appoint new mayor

Rogue River City Council expects to appoint Pam VanArsdale as the town's first female mayor tonight.

VanArsdale has been doubling as a councilor and mayor pro tem since Fred England — elected mayor in November — announced last month he would have to step down for health reasons.

VanArsdale's appointment as regular mayor is scheduled for the council meeting at 7 p.m. in City Hall, 133 Broadway. The council plans to fill her council seat by appointment at a later date.

She would serve as mayor through 2014 and have the option to run for election that year for another two years as mayor.

The appointee who replaces VanArsdale on the council also will serve through 2014 and have the option to run for election that year to a four-year term.

Candidates for that appointment must be registered voters and residents of Rogue River for at least a year prior to taking office.

VanArsdale served on the city Planning Commission before being appointed to the council in 2010. Later that year, she was the favorite in write-in races for three openings on the council, receiving 137 votes. Also elected were Hugh Fechtler with 62 votes and Earl Shamblin with 53.

— Howard Huntington, Daily Courier

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