Robinson expects to return for senior season

NEW ORLEANS — Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson admits he may need another year of seasoning.

But he wants the experts to tell him that.

That's why when the junior decided to approach the NFL advisory board for his draft status this month, he was more feeling out the process than looking to jump.

"I expect to be back and that's it," Robinson said Friday.

He hasn't heard from the NFL experts yet and wouldn't share exactly what he's looking for. But it was clearly his decision to inquire and, given the trend toward multi-threat NFL quarterbacks — Michael Vick, Cam Newton and, likely Robert Griffin III in the upcoming draft — it was worth the effort.

Watching those dual-threat QBs find success has only fortified Robinson's belief he can play quarterback at that level.

"One thing about Mike Vick, he always passes first," Robinson said. "Even when it's not open, he tries to make room downfield. When he did get past the line of scrimmage, it was either a touchdown or a big run. I had to put my own twist to it. That's probably been the biggest thing this season. I've been learning when to run and not to run and I can make the throw downfield."

Though Robinson's rushing and passing numbers are down from last season in the spread offense, he scored more combined touchdowns this year . In the last few games of the regular season, he showed better throwing ability.

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