Retraction: MT story confused identities of 2 men

A story that ran on Page 1A of Friday's paper incorrectly confused Joshua Lee Brewer, 25, who was arrested Wednesday on charges of possession of heroin and tampering with evidence, with Joshua Ryan Brewer, 26, a medical marijuana grower who is suing the city of Medford, Mayor Gary Wheeler and the Medford Police Department over a wrongful marijuana conviction.

Joshua Lee Brewer appeared before Jackson County Circuit Judge Benjamin Bloom on Thursday facing charges of possession of heroin and tampering with evidence. Central Point police on Wednesday arrested Brewer on the drug charges, as well as warrants for failing to appear on additional heroin and methamphetamine charges, second-degree trespass, fourth-degree assault, disorderly conduct and contempt of court.

In Joshua Ryan Brewer's case, the Department of Justice determined he had been wrongfully convicted of possession and manufacture of cannabis following a 2009 arrest. He is claiming civil rights violations and malicious prosecution in a lawsuit he filed March 28 in Medford's U.S. District Court, and seeking $1 million for alleged violations of his First, Fourth and 14th amendment rights, and another $1 million for alleged malicious prosecution.

Joshua Ryan Brewer was not arrested and does not face any charges.

The Mail Tribune regrets the error.

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