Retiring Medford police officers given final honor

The Medford Police Department is losing more than 60 years of crime-fighting experience when two of its long-tenured members turn in their badges in the coming months.

Both Deputy Chief Craig Amann and Detective Terry Newell were honored Wednesday night during an award ceremony that also recognized other officers and civilian courage over the past year.

Amann is leaving the force after 32 years. He has served as everything from a traffic officer to the head of internal affairs. He spent the last five years as the deputy chief, overseeing the department's administrative duties.

"He has a list of accomplishments that have made this department a better place," Medford police Chief Randy Schoen said.

Amann was integral in pushing the department into the digital age by reorganizing the evidence control room to track property using a database and getting computers inside patrol cars, Schoen said.

The department will choose a new deputy chief next week, Schoen said.

Newell, a 27-year veteran, has made his name putting murderers behind bars and serving as a hostage negotiator.

Schoen praised Newell's ability to relate to suspects by speaking to them on their level. This has landed him several tough confessions over the years, Medford police Deputy Chief Tim George said.

"(Newell) has had people he has sent to prison for homicide send him cards and cookies through the mail because of how he treated them," George said.

Newell will stay with the department for the next couple of years working cold-case felonies part time, Schoen said.

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