Restaurant faces suspension of liquor license for serving minors

Medford's Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurant must pay a $6,435 penalty or face a 39-day suspension of its liquor license after the latest in a string of violations related to serving alcohol to underage patrons.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission handed down the sanctions at a meeting held by telephone July 13.

OLCC records indicate that on Nov. 21, 2008, the restaurant at 2332 Poplar Drive, Medford, sold an alcoholic beverage to a person younger than 21 and failed to use age-verification equipment required after past problems with sales to minors.

Mail Tribune archives indicate the restaurant had sold to underage patrons who worked with officials in enforcement and education operations in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

After one of the violations, Ruiz Corp., which holds the restaurant's liquor license, had agreed to use age-verification equipment to examine the identification of all alcohol buyers who appear younger than 26 years old, OLCC officials said. Failing to do that in November compounded the seriousness of the violations.

The restaurant will be removed from the state's responsible vendor program.

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