Resisting the urge for hibernation

Resisting the urge for hibernation

The days are short and getting shorter. It's gloomy and cold outside. Not the kind of weather that invites your usual walk around the block or jog with the pooch. If you don't have a gym membership, it's easy to backslide at this time of year.

Below are some cardio exercises that don't take a lot of time or space and can keep the heart happy and the waistline trim. These exercises involve advanced moves designed to get your heart rate up — please start slowly and increase intensity as you increase your stamina. Perform each exercise one after the other, as in a circuit, resting as needed in between. The whole workout should take only about 10 minutes.

Two minutes:
Warm up

March in place. Raising knees and swinging your arms will increase your heart rate.

One minute:
Side lunge with windmill arms

Stand with legs wide, arms extended out. Bend right knee into side lunge, swinging left arm toward right foot. Repeat on opposite side. Increase intensity by lunging lower, increasing speed.

One minute:
Jumping jacks

No description needed (hopefully)

One minute:
Squat thrust

Start with feet together. Squat down and place your hands on the floor next to your feet. In an explosive movement, push feet backwards into a push-up position, jump feet back between hands and stand up.

One minute:

Jog in place, pushing arms overhead. Raise heels high toward butt.

One minute:
Plyo jacks

Begin with feet together and jump up, pushing feet out to the side, landing in a low squat. Jump up and bring feet back together (a very slow jumping jack). Swing your arms overhead to add intensity.

Three minutes:
Cool down.

Walk in place, decreasing pace. Stretch.

Cindy Quick Wilson is a certified trainer at Women's Fitness Company in Medford.

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