Remembering Arnsberg

I first saw Brad Arnsberg as a member of Leo Noahr's Babe Ruth baseball team. I knew then he was going to be a good one.

Over the next few years as a member of the Rogue Valley Baseball Officials Association, I had the pleasure of calling many of Brad's games behind the plate. He was an umpire's pitcher, always close to the plate, with a great assortment of pitches. Another thing, he never argued a call that I remember. It brought great pleasure to me when he signed with my favorite team, the Yankees.

One of my favorite Arnsberg moments came one Friday night at Ashland at an Ashland High versus Medford High football game. Our officials crew was walking on the field as the Tornado came out of the dressing room. As Brad passed us, he said, "Well guys, this is where we separate the men from the boys!" Believe me, they did!

I want to wish Brad much success as the Toronto Blue Jays pitching coach. He deserves it, he is a great guy. — Phil Sweet, White City

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