Readers share memories Twitter style, win fair entry

Remember when nostalgia was the province of old folks telling long stories on the porch?

Now technology has enabled people to pop off quick memories in just 140 characters, and that's just what a flock of Mail Tribune Twitter followers did in an effort to win a Jackson County Fair prize package.

Short, sweet stories captured moments of braving unpredictable weather, caring for animals and hitting the rides.

AnjalaD, of Eagle Point, recalled a mad dash through a surprise storm when she was only 9. "There was a huge rainstorm ... and we were parked in that dirt parking lot a LONG ways back and i lost a shoe," she wrote.

Summer's heat plays a key role in a favorite memory of ORHawksFan, also known as Kim Thurman. "Best fair memory? Dipping 4-H rabbits in 5-gal buckets of water to keep them cool in the heat. Yes, as fun as it sounds," she wrote.

Jennie sent an e-mail that takes readers straight to the barns — "Getting to the goat barn at 5:30 am to milk, the silent barn, then our does with their heads over the stall, calling us."

Dads love the joy in children's eyes.

Trevor Gower fondly remembers "The thrill of taking my little girl on her first carousel ride,enjoying her laughter & smiles.The fair left us good memories."

And stacisdad, also known as Roger Peterson, loves to see "My 4 year old daughter realizing she can go on any ride she wants, as many times as she wants."

Tiana Gower of Gowerfamily also likes the kids and rides, writing that she favors "Smell of fresh food filling the air,screams from thrilling rides.My first Carousel ride.Memories I now make with my own kids."

Same goes for Ashland bargain hunter Vanessa Houk, also known as ashlandcouponer, who wrote about "Wide eyed kids watching colorful rides spin, smells of monkey bread & corn dogs, music, games, flurry of people & heat," and Julia Cole, juju_120 on Twitter, who summed up the best parts as "riding roller coasters, face painting, carnival games, yummy fair food- its usually hot there, animals and kids yelling."

Derek's e-mail entry was pure poetry. "Hot weather, but everyone's there- there's concert sounds in the air! Carnival food, rides, and good times at the JC fair!"

Roguecity, of Ashland, captures the end of a day. "Jackson County Fair is the greatest just after sunset when riding from the Farris Wheel."

Each of these writers wins an opening day fair package that includes free fair admission, parking at the fairgrounds and reserved seats at the Little Big Town show at the Lithia Motors Amphitheater tonight.

More fair details are at

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