RCC enrollment up another 600 over last fall's record

A spike in enrollment is providing a welcome boost in tuition and fee revenues for Rogue Community College.

With students still signing up for classes this week, enrollment had already jumped almost 10 percent beyond last year's record fall enrollment, college officials said.

Fall 2009 boasted just over 6,000 students while current tallies show another 600 enrolled, bringing the total enrollment this week to around 6,600.

Marketing and community relations director Margaret Bradford said that while RCC does not poll students to determine why they enrolled in classes, economic downturns usually yield higher enrollment for community colleges.

"When people are out of work, they turn to the community colleges to get retrained for new jobs or to get better skills at the jobs they have so that they are more competitive when the economy does turn around," she said.

She added, "Community colleges across the state are seeing record increases in enrollment."

Bradford said the boost in enrollment equates to added tuition revenues, a needed reprieve as funding from the state declines.

While college officials originally anticipated some $6.3 million in funding from the state's Community College Support Fund, recent and proposed cuts could find the school losing $1 million or more, she said.

— Buffy Pollock, for the Mail Tribune

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