Rare writing and printing collection will be dedicated at SOU Wednesday

Southern Oregon University's Hannon Library will open the Lily Hearn History of Writing and Printing Collection with a dedication at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 1.

The event showcases the new, permanent exhibit of manuscripts and artifacts. It begins with an opening ceremony at the exhibit on the library's second floor, followed by a reception in the Meese Room.

The Hearn Collection includes 19 pieces of early writing and printing from cultures around the world. One of the oldest is a 4,000-year-old clay Sumerian tablet inscribed with Cuneiform writing, dating from 2039 BCE. A piece of Egyptian statuary with hieroglyphs dates from circa 1785-1660 BCE. Other pieces include medieval illuminated manuscripts, Sanskrit texts, and a rare Coptic scroll from Ethiopia measuring seven feet in length.

Lily Hearn and her husband, Joseph, acquired the collection over several decades while both taught at San Bernardino Valley College. Lily Hearn developed a popular course on the history of writing, printing and libraries, and shared her collection with students there. She later moved to Ashland and the Hearn family donated the collection in 2009.

Over the summer, the collection was moved to a new, custom display on the library's second floor near Special Collections and the Margery Bailey Shakespeare and Renaissance Collection. Items are arranged by age, and the exhibit begins with a world map showing their geographic origins.

Teachers are encouraged to bring their classes to the Hannon Library to view the collection.

For questions about the Lily Hearn History of Writing and Printing Collection, call 541-552-6836 or e-mail cedarface@sou.edu.

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