Rain sets two daily records in Medford

You bet it's wet!

Rain this week set new daily records for May 27 and 28 in Medford. The airport rain gauge measured .41 inch on Tuesday and .45 inch on Wednesday while a large storm system parked itself over Southern Oregon and Northern California. Correction: See below.

The storm was unusual in that it brought heavy rain east of the Cascades and only relatively minor rainfall to the coast. Fort Rock, in Eastern Oregon's high desert country, had 2.06 inches of rain over the 48-hour period, while Bandon had just .05 inches of rain.

The rain came because the jet stream dipped down into California at a time of year when it's normally flowing across Canada, says Ryan Sandler, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service station in Medford.

Sandler says the worst is apparently over, although there could be more showers over the next few days as a smaller storm moves onshore.

— Bill Kettler

Correction: An earlier version listed the wrong amount of precipitation for Wednesday. This version has been corrected.

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