Medford police provided this photograph of a car that crashed into a duplex on Table Rock Road Sunday during an apparent street race.

Race on Table Rock Road ends in crash

Police said a high-speed race between two cars along Table Rock ended with one car crashing into a home in the 2500 block Sunday morning.

Medford police said the crash happened just after 10 a.m. Sunday, July 29. A Chevy Cobalt, driven by 20-year-old Mireya Serrano, of Medford, was allegedly racing an older light-colored Buick or Cadillac. Both vehicles were heading north on Table Rock Road.

"Based on witness statements, (she was) exceeding 70 mph," said Lt. Mike Budreau. "She was just going way too fast."

The posted speed limit along that Table Rock Road section is 30 mph.

When both vehicles neared the road's intersection with Swing Lane, Serrano lost control of her vehicle, left the road and slammed into a duplex. She was wearing a seatbelt.

Two people inside the home, a 28-year-old woman and a 9-year-old boy, were not hurt. The car's front end crumpled in, and the house's entryway sustained some damage. City crews will inspect the home to see if there was any foundation damage.

Medford Fire-Rescue crews treated Serrano for minor injuries. Police cited and released her on charges of reckless driving and speed racing. The charges carry a total of $3,435 in potential fines.

Racing on streets is classified as a Class A traffic violation that police typically need to witness to charge suspects. Because of the damage to the home and car in this case, an officer did not need to witness it. Budreau explained.

"I wouldn't say it's something we see a lot of," Budreau said. " It's something that occasionally happens. It's just kind of hit and miss on where it's going to occur."

Police are working to identify the driver of the second car, who investigators think is a man Serrano knows. If that suspect is found, he could be charged with speed racing, too.

— Ryan Pfeil

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