Puppy photo scores with Hallmark

Puppy photo scores with Hallmark

A Medford woman's photograph of a pot full of puppies hit Hallmark's funnybone.

Now all Tania Brewer needs is for America to get online and vote for her winning shot, which has been entered in an online competition called "Your Funniest," which is sponsored by the famous greeting card company.

Brewer's "Aww"-inspiring image features four Dachshund pups peering dejectedly over the edge of a red clay flowerpot. The inside script reads, "My life has gone to pot."

Brewer's photograph was selected by Hallmark as one of 18 finalists, said Sarah Kolell, the company's spokeswoman.

"It is now being sold in over 3,000 stores nationwide," said Kolell.

Brewer has gotten a thrill seeing, and purchasing, her image now that has Hallmark turned it into an official "Shoebox" greeting card.

"Going to Hallmark and buying the card with my boys was the best thing," she said.

Brewer discovered the online competition because she regularly e-mails Hallmark e-cards to friends and family members.

"I came across the contest and decided to enter for the fun of it," said the 39-year-old mother of two.

In order to become the grand prize winner — and garner the $1,000 cash award and two tickets to Chicago to see the improvisational group, Second City Review — Brewer must receive the most votes from viewers at by Aug. 31, said Kolell.

"Right now I'm in twelfth place," said Brewer.

Brewer was first bitten by the shutterbug when she was in the Air Force.

"I took a class and was hooked," Brewer said.

That was a lifetime ago, in dog years. The little wiener dogs depicted in Brewer's image wouldn't fit into a pot today. The photograph is about a decade old, she said.

"My sister used to breed longhair standard dachshunds. That (photograph) was my favorite," Brewer said, adding that her two sons and her golden retriever are her favorite subjects now.

The Hallmark finalist hasn't had much time to take photographs in the past year.

"I was working two jobs and going to school (to become a dental hygienist)," Brewer said.

Wannabe card makers constantly inundate the trademark greeting card company with requests to submit their drawings, photos and images, said Kolell.

But Hallmark is "one of the largest employers of creative people in the country." The company does not accept submitted work "because it would be overwhelming," said Kolell.

However, with the increasing popularity of the Internet, the idea of letting America pick a winner in an interactive contest was too appealing to resist, she said.

"We had a team of humor experts and artists from Hallmark judge the entries," said Kolell. "Tania and the other 17 finalists had nice cards."

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