Pot clinic owners try new plan

ROGUE RIVER — A medical marijuana clinic would move but would not share quarters with the Magic Dragon shop under a new plan the owners hope will be more acceptable to the city.

In February, the city Planning Commission denied Bob and Sheryl Rabitoy's plan to relocate the Herbal Pain Management Center and the Magic Dragon under one roof at 100 Depot St.

Critics said the businesses don't belong together because the Magic Dragon, now at 104 E. Main St., sells "drug paraphernalia" and the center, at 201 E. Main, is a medical marijuana clinic.

In the appeal they are scheduled to make to the City Council Thursday, the Rabitoys still want to move the center to 100 Depot, but the Magic Dragon would stay put.

Under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, the center has a doctor to help people with serious health problems get permission to use cannabis.

However, the Rabitoys said in their appeal, the center will not administer or dispense any drugs on the premises. The appeal further pledges that the Pain Management Center will not advertise itself as a marijuana clinic or have any signs that promote cannabis.

The Rabitoys also want to open a cafe and sell clothing at 100 Depot, but state in their appeal that those businesses would have their own entrance and that a door between them and the center would be kept closed — they wouldn't even share a bathroom.

The appeal also notes the building has a long commercial history and offers assurances that traffic and parking problems would not increase significantly, particularly with off-street parking next door at the visitor plaza.

Despite opposition from the majority on the Planning Commission, which rejected the plan on Feb. 16, the Rabitoys see their businesses enhancing the town.

"With the clothing and coffee area being less than 1,000 square feet, this project is not like a Fred Meyer or a Walmart," they wrote.

"It is in scale with the quaintness of downtown Rogue River," they added, "and will provide an area that will invite people to stay and share a cup of coffee or tea."

The council is set to hear the Rabitoy appeal at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 25 at City Hall, 133 Broadway, and will take testimony from the audience. For more information, call 541-582-4401.

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