Police cite driver in SOU crosswalk crash

The driver in the Feb. 13 fatal crosswalk crash involving Southern Oregon University student Gladys Jimenez has been cited by Ashland police.

Lesley Orr, a senior budget analyst at SOU, faces maximum fines of $278 for failure to stop for a pedestrian and $499 for careless driving. Police reports showed no evidence of drugs or alcohol and that Orr was driving at or just over the posted speed limit of 30 mph. He will not face jail time.

"This was a tragic accident that occurred in our city," said Ashland police Deputy Chief Rich Walsh. "Everyone is sorry for the family and their loss. However, the investigation showed that this was an unfortunate accident that we hope will not occur again in this city if we take the right measures."

Orr took personal time off from SOU after the accident, but he has returned to work full time, said Christine Florence, a spokesperson for the university.

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