Plane gets scare en route to Medford

A twin-engine Cessna airplane transporting a patient from Crescent City, Calif., to Medford reported flight problems Sunday afternoon, but eventually landed safely, emergency officials reported.

The pilot of the plane, operated by Cal-Ore Life Flight, told Medford airport flight controllers there was a malfunction that might prevent the plane from reaching the runway, Medford Fire-Rescue officials reported.

Emergency crews were dispatched, but as the plane was about 10 miles from the airport it was flying smoother and landed without any problems, according to Medford fire officials.

A total of four people were onboard, according to Medford fire officials.

According to, the plane had been flying at a constant speed of 220 knots per hour, then dipped to a speed of less than 100 knots per hour

Cal-Ore Life Flight routinely brings patients over from the coast.

Mercy Flights picked up the patient from the plane and transported him to the hospital.

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